Theological Learning for Everyone

For those who are interested in the field of theology, sometimes, you may feel that such field is quite horrible. Horrible here refers to the fact that the situation can be really confusing. Theology is totally not an easy feat to deal with. You will need to be a serious and thorough thinker if you really want to understand this field even further. Many people are quite lost whenever they are trying to find the answers related to the theological matters. It’s not because those people

These Critical to Success When Job Interview

In order to perform optimally in a job interview, a number of preparations have you should do. Starting from academic achievement to show various academic experience outside of what you get for college.

However, there are other determining factors that also affect the success of your work interview session. Here are some of the critical success of work are also worth your attention.

Unpar graduated 124 Master of Education

Postgraduate studies or PLS School Education at the University of Palangkaraya (Unpar) Central Kalimantan since operations in August of 2008 graduated 124 master of education. Head of Study Program (Prodi) PLS or Non-Formal Education (PNF) Unpar Prof. Dr. HM Norsanie Darlan MS PH Between suggests that the South Kalimantan in Banjarmasin, Saturday.